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Bathroom Accessories

It's exciting to start a new project around your home, especially when it's time to revamp the bathrooms. But, do you have everything you need for a minor or major home improvement project? Sam's Club® members-only pricing helps you get what you need for your renovation.

Improve Your Cabinets

If you've been dealing with an outdated or water-damaged cabinet set, check out what we have to offer and find a replacement that matches your style. We have a variety of cabinetry to suit any modern home for a small or large family.

Upgrade the Plumbing

Make sure your plumbing works as well as possible by getting a new bathroom sink and toilet and replacing old bath tubs with newer fixtures. Modern designs don't just have a different look, but they are also engineered to work more efficiently using less water.

Leaky faucets, running toilets and rusty shower heads can all be replaced with something better from our wide collection of bathroom products and accessories. We are all about helping our members save money on the things that are really needed around the house.

Designs for Modern Bathrooms

Even if you're not taking on a huge home improvement project, we have a range of accessories to help you decorate your bathroom just how you want it. All sorts of modern styles and rustic accessories are available to give you numerous choices for your design.

You can stick to a certain theme for your bathroom or combine a mish-mash of beautiful, fun or creative pieces to create a new look. Whatever you like best, we carry the right products to keep you up to date on the latest fashions for your home.