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Generators and Power Supplies

Random power outages always seem to happen at the worst possible time, which is why having an alternative power supply like a backup generator is such a good idea. Sam’s Club® offers lots of options. Whether you’re looking for a small generator for a campsite, a battery charger for your golf cart or an off-grid solar panel kit to keep your home lit at night, you’ll find a solution here.

Generator Options

Generators come in different sizes, ranging from small home generators to larger industrial generators. The most important thing to factor in your decision is the power rating (measured in watts of kilowatts). The generator you pick should be able to support whatever devices you want to power. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a gasoline-powered generator or one that runs on diesel.

Some of the power generators at Sam’s Club come with a pull cord while others come with a battery-powered ignition. You’ll also find power supply generators equipped with an automatic-start feature that turn on immediately the power goes off—without you doing anything. Other things to consider include whether the generator comes with a fuel gauge, low-oil shutoff and multiple outlets. You’ll also need a power supply transfer switch for your space, if you don’t already have one installed.

Alternative Energy and Inverters

Powering your space with alternative energy is not just a great way of limiting your dependence on the power grid; it is also a great way of lowering your energy costs. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find many solar-powered lighting devices, including pathway lamps and outdoor lamp posts. Sam’s Club also offers a nice array of wind-powered generators, so you have flexible options. If you own an RV, then you already appreciate the benefits of having a reliable battery or inverter system. Batteries and chargers are also a good idea, especially if you own a golf cart or equipment that depends on a battery. You’ll find a wide selection of power inverters and battery chargers along with home generators and accessories at Sam’s Club.