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Hearing Solutions

If you're having any problems with hearing loss, Sam's Club® has hearing solutions to help you get back in tune. We offer personal sound amplification devices for voices and electronics, hearing aids and all the accessories you need to keep your hearing aids working.

Personal Sound Amplifier Headsets

Amplifiers are not the same as hearing aids, but they can fill in the gaps for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss. Some amplifiers look similar to hearing aids, while others work with Bluetooth or other electronics to amplify the TV, radio or phone volume for you.

We have sound-amplifying devices for one or both ears, depending on how much help you need. You can choose between our in-ear amplifiers or headset devices.

Choosing the Best Hearing Aids

Our selection of hearing aids can help you get back in touch with the sounds around you for an affordable members-only price.

To find a device that matches your hearing needs, it's a good idea to visit an audiologist to get a detailed hearing test. You will then get a recommendation on which type of device will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Batteries are a constant need for hearing aids. If you'll be wearing your hearing aids for the whole day or only part of the day, battery requirements and sizes will be different. Choose a pair that will last as long as you need it to throughout your normal day.

Check out other features and warranty options that may be included with each separate device to make the most informed choice you can. Whatever you need, we are happy to offer a wide range of choices to cover mild to severe hearing loss issues.

Hearing Aid Accessories in Bulk

Batteries are available in large packages for your convenience. Cleaning kits, replacement parts and wax filter kits can all be found online at Sam's Club.