More Categories in Lighting


The lighting options at Sam's Club® make it easy to update a room with beautiful fixtures and brighter bulbs. From bathroom lighting to models designed for outdoor use, you'll find everything you need for adding light wherever you need it.

Home Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures come in styles that match any decorating aesthetic. Add three-light fixtures over bathroom sinks for an updated look that can change the appearance of the space. A single-light, wall-mounted fixture on either side of a mirror increases the amount of light and takes up minimal space in smaller rooms.

Ceiling light fixtures add ambient lighting and increase the overall brightness. A chandelier can act as a centerpiece in large rooms, or ensure there's plenty of light over tables and in entryways. Pendant lights provide an elegant touch over dining tables and islands, and work well for tall ceilings.


Add lamps to end tables and in seating nooks to ensure there's plenty of light for activities. Lamps come in numerous shapes and styles, including contemporary, rustic and vintage designs. Floor lamps work well in corners and beside chairs for increasing light levels in darker areas. Use a desk lamp in the office and reduce the need for relying on large, overhead fixtures.

Security and Outdoor Lighting

Security lights provide bright lighting for dark corners and outdoor areas. Motion-activated security lighting turns on when movement is detected for advanced warning when someone approaches the home. Maximize energy savings with solar-powered motion lights for reliable, bright light after the sun goes down.

Outdoor lighting options let you brighten areas near doors and entryways. String cafe lights along patios and decks for soft ambient lighting that's perfect for parties and enjoying the outdoors. Pathway lights increase safety and make sure visitors find driveways and walkways easily. Look for solar-powered designs or those that use LED light bulbs for energy savings and less frequent changes.