More Categories in Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Make sure you're prepared for those late-night pains, sniffles and fevers. Sam's Club® offers a variety of over-the-counter medicines and sleep aids that help you treat everything from allergies to minor cuts and scrapes and sleeplessness. There are also products to help with smoking cessation.

Allergy & Sinus

There's nothing worse than preparing for a fun-filled day outdoors, only to find yourself sniffling or dealing with red, irritated eyes. Having allergy and sinus medications on-hand makes it simple to relieve the symptoms associated with allergies to plants, animals and air quality. You'll find options for adults and children, making sure everyone can enjoy the day. Choose non-drowsy formulas so you won't be tired as they go about their day.

Cough, Cold & Flu

No matter what time of year it may be, it's always important to keep cough, cold and flu options available in your medicine cabinet. At Sam's Club, you'll find cold and cough medicines that provide up to 12 hours of relief, eliminating the need for taking multiple doses throughout the day. Keep cough drops and lozenges available for soothing throats. Vitamins and supplements provide your body with the nutrients it needs to help fight off colds and coughs throughout the year.

Pain Relief

From headaches to the aches that occur due to injury or overdoing it, everyone occasionally needs reliable pain relief. Acetaminophen provides effective relief for headaches and reduces fevers, without causing stomach discomfort during use. Consider ibuprofen and naproxen sodium medications for treating swelling and inflammation, along with aches and pains associated with arthritis. Aspirin helps alleviate pain and reduce fever in adults. Make sure to follow all dosage instructions for optimal safety.

First Aid

Adults and children alike occasionally suffer from cuts, scrapes and burns that require treatment. First aid supplies that include adhesive strips and antibiotic ointments ensure you can handle the minor issues that occur. Add cold packs and ointments available for easing pain and swelling. Alcohol swaps, wipes and liquids help clean cuts and scrapes to help prevent infection.