More Categories in Writing Pads & Notebooks

Writing Pads and Notebooks

From students to employees, writing pads and notebooks are an essential tool for keeping track of information, reminders and personal thoughts. Sam's Club® carries different types of notebooks and writing pads that help you stay on track and write down important information you need for projects, classes and meetings.


Steno pads are small enough to carry in a backpack or purse. Composition notebooks work well as an economical journal and for keeping track of personal ideas and goals.

Multi-subject notebooks keep each class organized and separate for the semester, making finding information simple. Some notebooks include class schedulers and planners so you always know about upcoming due dates and important events. Hardcover notebooks offer increased durability that protects the pages inside during trips and on work sites. Notebooks also come in numerous colors and designs, ensuring an option that fits with your unique personality.

Writing Pads

Writing pads provide you with plenty of space for notes, reminders and other information. Writing pads with a perforated edge provide neat tears, offering a professional look when sharing information with others. They let you keep track of the minutes and important issues, and keep them organized by date and time.

Add a message book to each desk and make sure anyone who answers the phone has a way to write down the caller's information for quicker responses. Look for dual-ruled legal pads when keeping track of evidence-based information.

From notebooks for class to writing pads that help you keep notes and other important information in one place, Sam's Club carries a selection of writing necessities that include those from Mead, Avery, Tops and more.