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Set your sights higher. Sam's Club® offers great deals on a wide collection of optical care equipment and supplies. Choose from an assortment of low-cost premium options, including contact lenses, reading glasses, eye health supplements and sunglasses.

Choosing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses fall into two broad groups: soft and hard. Soft contact lenses are more comfortable, which makes them a popular pick. But if you're prone to allergies, hard contact lenses may be a better choice. You may even find colored contact lenses in your prescription. Regardless of which you prefer, you should consider having an eye exam before making a decision. Your doctor can conduct tests to determine the right fit, and then he or she can provide a prescription that will help guide your search.

Reading Glasses & Sunglasses

Sam's Club provides a broad selection of designer reading glasses and frames to fit with your doctor's prescription. Choose from lightweight reading glasses made of plastic or durable frames crafted of metal. If you're planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, a pair of sunglasses may be in order. Sam's Club features a tidy selection of sunglasses with polarized shades in various designs.

Contact Solution, Eye Supplements & Drops

Alongside optical equipment, Sam's Club is home to a wide range of optical care accessories. You'll find hydrogen peroxide-based solutions and multipurpose “no-rub” options to assist with the daily care for your contacts. You'll also find eye and vision supplements to help complement your daily diet. If you plan to buy supplements or eye drops, always check the ingredient list. While most eye supplements typically contain vitamins and minerals, some brands may include ingredients that you may be sensitive to. Consult with your physician if you have any questions or doubts. Whatever your needs, you're in the right place.

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** Excludes fashion, sports and active lifestyle sunglasses with white pricing labels.

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