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Why are pencils so useful, even in a modern day environment? For one, they’re easily accessible and easy to use. When you just want to write down an idea, copy a phone number or make a grocery list, it can be inefficient to break out the computer and print something out. It’s far easier to just grab a pencil. And of course, pencils have erasers, which means if you make a mistake, it’s a simple matter to make that mistake disappear.

Sam’s Club has all types of pencils to meet your needs. Whether it’s the classic number two pencil, a mechanical pencil or even colored pencils, Sam’s Club can easily accommodate you, and at prices so low, it comes out to pennies per pencil, which means you, your employees or your students can go through as many as you need to without straining your budget. These pencils are made with soft lead or graphite for easy, smooth writing and have a comfortable shape that fits right in your hand so you won’t get tired out when you have a long assignment or a lot of notes to take.

Computers are great, and pens have their place too, but you still need to have some good, reliable pencils lying around. With Sam’s Club, it’s easy to make sure you’re prepared. So order pencils from Sam’s Club today and be ready at a moment’s notice when that next great idea strikes.