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How to Buy the Best Power Equipment: Buying Guide

Whether you're a contractor, small business owner or homeowner, having the right power equipment can make your next project a lot easier. Power equipment from Sam's Club gives you the tools you need for the job without the cost of commercial-grade, built-in equipment.

We carry a large selection of power equipment, including:

When you're using high-powered equipment, it's important that you invest in quality tools. Reliable brands give you the peace of mind your equipment won't stop working when you need it most. Choose from some of the best and most reliable brands of power equipment and accessories, such as:

  • Generac
  • A-iPower
  • Sportsman
  • Black Max
  • Pulsar
  • Simpson
  • Sun Joe
  • Stanley


Generators use a motor to produce electricity that can be used when other sources fail. When the power goes out or you're in an area without power equipment, use a generator to keep your home or project running.

Times might need a generator are:

  • To run your refrigerator and other important appliances when the power goes out
  • Keep your business running during a power outage
  • To power tools and equipment when camping
  • Provide power for tools at a job site or construction zone

Sam's Club has top-rated generators for all of your applications and needs. Check out some of the best-reviewed generators available, each with over 4.5 or 5-star ratings from customers:

  • Pulsar 9,500/12,000-Watt Dual-Fuel Electric/Recoil Start Portable Generator
  • Pulsar 8,000/10,000-Watt Dual-Fuel Electric-Start Portable Generator
  • Generac Guardian Series WIFI Enabled 20,000-Watt (LP) / 18,000-Watt (NG) Standby Generator

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer uses power and a hose to increase the water pressure from the hose. This high-powered water stream is used for all sorts of cleaning applications, including:

  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning cars, boats, lawn mowers and a variety of outdoor power equipment
  • Clearing drains and gutters of debris
  • Cleaning pools before opening and after closing
  • Washing outdoor power equipment and furniture

You need a pressure washer to give you adequate power and increase the water pressure for proper function. Choose from pressure washers reviewed by real customers, including:

  • Simpson 3500 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer
  • SIMPSON 3800 PSI at 3.5 GPM HONDA GX270 Industrial Gas Powered Pressure Washer Trailer
  • Generac Speedwash 2900 PSI 2.4 GPM Pressure Washer

Air Compressors and Accessories

Air compressors are a type of power equipment that uses a single motor to convert electrical power into energy. Air compressors can also be handy to inflate car tires or used with accessories to become snow blowers and leaf blowers.

You might need an air compressor if you plan to use the following tools:

  • Paint Spray Gun
  • Air Ratchet
  • Nail Gun
  • Inflating tires or sports balls
  • Pneumatic Chainsaws
  • Blowers

Sam's Club carries some of the best air compressors for the specific interests of each customer. Consider these options:

  • GreenWorks 6-Gallon Corded Air Compressor
  • Ford 15-Gallon Electric Air Compressor
  • SmartFlex 5/8" x 50' RV/Marine Hose

Water Pumps

A water pump is a helpful piece of power equipment to remove standing water from spaces. Whether it's time to drain the pool or you need to remove wastewater from a flooded basement, we have a selection of Generac water pumps to meet your needs.

Clean Water Pump: Clean water pumps move clean water, such as drinking water, from a well or spring up to the surface level.

Trash Water Pump: Trash water pumps can pump out wastewater from spaces, such as standing water from flooding with twigs and other debris.

Try one of our clean or trash water pumps to help you fill or drain the pool or remove water from your home. Models include:

  • Generac Clean Water Pump
  • Generac Trash Water Pump
  • Generac Semi-Trash Water Pump

What to Consider When Buying Power Equipment

When deciding what type of power equipment is right for you, it's important to consider your application. You might find you need several different types of power equipment.

For example, a renovation and restoration company may need to have a generator to run major equipment, an air compressor to run power tools, a pressure washer for cleaning and a wastewater pump to remove standing water.

What to Consider When Buying a Generator

Consider if you need a portable or standby generator.

Portable generators can be moved to your location. They're great for camping or job site applications. A standby generator is installed permanently. Standby generators provide more power and are ideal for power outage situations.

Each generator provides a different amount of power. If you need to run several appliances or tools, you'll need a higher-powered generator.

Generators run on gasoline or propane. Some generators even have the ability to run on either type of fuel.

What to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

What type of power?

Pressure washers can be powered by electricity or gasoline. Electric pressure washers are great for small applications like cleaning patio furniture. Gas pressure washers provide higher water pressure for large cleaning jobs.

How much PSI do you need?

PSI is a measurement of pressure, so you should think about how much power you need for your typical applications of this power equipment.

Do I have enough water flow?

You need a fair amount of water pressure for the pressure washer to work properly. Some wells may not have enough water pressure to maximize the power of your pressure washer.

What to Consider When Buying an Air Compressor

What PSI rating do you need?

Your air compressor needs to provide enough pressure to power your tools. You'll need to pay close attention to see how much power your tools need.

Do you need a portable compressor?

Some air compressors are portable and have wheels for easy maneuverability.

What types of tools do you plan to run on your air compressor?

If you need to run a lot of high-powered tools, you may need an industrial compressor. If you only need the compressor power equipment to fill up your car or bike tires, a small portable compressor might be the best fit.

What to Consider When Buying a Water Pump

Do you need a trash water pump or a clean water pump?

For most water removal applications, you'll probably need a trash water pump to filter debris. If you plan to fill a pool or other area from a water source, you should consider a clean water pump.

What is the discharge capacity?

The gallons per minute discharge is how fast water moves through the pump. If you need to pump water from a deep well, you'll need a higher rating. To pump a couple of inches of standing water from a basement, you may be able to use a lower GPM discharge.

What Types of Power Equipment and Accessories Does Sam's Club Sell?

Bringing you the power equipment and excellent customer service you need is our top priority. Enjoy free shipping options on many of our power equipment tools. Our members-only prices make it easy to get the power equipment you need at a great everyday price. Visit your nearest Sam's Club location to speak with our knowledgeable staff, hear about available promotions and join our long list of satisfied customers.

We also carry the accessories you need to keep your power equipment running smoothly. We carry pressure washer degreasers so you can clean industrial surfaces of grease and keep it looking like new equipment. We also have surface scrubbers to scrub down dirty driveways or equipment when using your pressure washer. Get the hoses and nozzles you need to properly run your air compressor for your favorite tools.