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Washing Machines

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the ideal washing machine for your space, and fortunately, Sam’s Club® has a wide array of both front load washing machines and top load washing machines. In addition, there is an array of washer and dryer pedestals.


If there are only a few people in your household or you find you don’t need to do as many loads as others, a 4.5 cu. ft. washer might be ideal. These machines are also an excellent choice if you want a more compact unit. However, larger households or ones that need to consistently run larger loads might consider something with 5.5 cu. ft. or more of space. For a general idea of load capacities, a 5.1 cu. ft. washer can hold about 20 towels.

When thinking about physical space, be sure to include any laundry pedestal you might have or want to purchase too.

Front Load vs Top Load

There are two distinct styles when it comes to washing machines: front load washing machines and top load washing machines. A front load washer is often gentler on clothes and uses less water, while the top load machines generally operate faster and have a larger capacity. Compatible front load models also pair well with LG washer and dryer pedestals.

Other Options

Automatic dispensing is a handy feature that releases detergent, fabric softener and bleach at the right times. An extra rinse cycle might be desirable in situations that require more help to get rid of pet hair or stains, and an automatic temperature control is fantastic for getting the proper water temperature at all times.

Also, check to see what material the drum of the machine is made from. Those that are made from stainless steel tend to last longer than their counterparts, and because they are more durable, they can spin faster to extrude more water, thus cutting down on operation time.