More Categories in Commercial Trash Cans & Recycling

Waste Collection and Recycling

Whether you're shopping for your home or business, the selection of waste collection and recycling containers at Sam's Club® makes it easy to keep all areas clean and improve your impact on the environment.

Trash Receptacles

The trash receptacles you choose for your business not only ensure plenty of space for waste, they also add to the overall appearance of the area. Commercial trash cans come in simple, black containers that only require you to add an appropriately sized trash bag. Stainless steel models add a contemporary look that enhances existing decor. Consider sensor models that open based on touch or proximity for easier use, or go with trash cans with lids that help contain overflow and odors.

Recycling Containers

Recycling containers make sure guests and employees know that your home or business recycles specific materials. There are smaller recycling containers that are ideal for placing next to desks to collect paper or plastic. Large, industrial recycling bins hold nine gallons or more, ensuring plenty of space for keeping all of your papers, bottles and other waste separated. There are also recycling bins with lids and cutouts that help users understand exactly what needs to go in them. Choose the appropriate labels and colors for the items you want to recycle to minimize mixing of materials.

Trash Bags

Trash bags are an important part of your waste collection and recycling choices. Tall kitchen bags with an odor shield provide enough strength for everyday paper and plastic trash. Commercial can liners come in seven- to 60-gallon sizes, ensuring a choice that fits all of the cans in your home or facility. Consider using trash bags in different colors to separate different types of waste and help janitorial team members recognize their own areas.