Provide premium backup battery power and surge protection with the APC® Back-UPS Pro Tower 1375VA 10 Outlet 2 USB.

What Happens When Your Power Goes Out?

As long as you have the APC Back-UPS Pro Tower 1375VA 10 Outlet 2 USB, you can have peace of mind even if the power goes out. This APC power supply provides you with the critical power you need when the lights go out. Use the APC's USB and power outlet charging ports for your TVs, mobile devices, tablets, laptops and gaming systems to increase the runtime of your critical electronics. You can also maintain your Internet connection as well. Keep your wireless modem plugged into the APC UPS software to prevent any of the further hassles of a powerless home with no Internet.

Surge Protection When You Need It

The APC power supply provides surge protection with its automatic voltage regulation system for any of your connected devices. This helps you ensure that any of your most critical devices are protected against harmful power events like power surges and lightning strikes. The APC Back-UPS Pro Tower 1375VA 10 Outlet 2 USB also comes with a 1GB network dataline surge protection and a 3-year warranty with an equipment protection policy that lasts a lifetime. All to make you certain that your devices are completely protected.

What's The Power Capacity?

APC back ups offer a power capacity of 1375VA / 810W. The batteries in this APC UPS machine are user replaceable, and the machine also provides a convenient LCD display that shows critical information about the health and status of the battery back up. The machine provides your home or office with 10 outlets (six battery back up and surge protection outlets and four surge-protection-only outlets) and two USB charge ports (Type A and Type C).

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