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  • Powerful power washer for all jobs
  • Easy to operate
  • Generac pressure washer is gas-powered
  • Different nozzles provide different solutions
  • Perfect for all hard surfaces
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When it comes to keeping surfaces clean, few tools do the job as well as the Generac® 2500 PSI pressure washer. The Generac pressure washer is one of the best because it's easy to use and it has the ability to get even the dirtiest areas clean. Simply attach the hose and get the cleaner in place, then let the pressure washer do the rest.

The Generac 2500 is a gas-powered pressure washer. With 2,500 pounds per square inch of pressure, it takes off even the most stubborn of stains, including rust stains off of sidewalks and other types of dirt and grime. Using an eco-friendly cleaner allows the Generac power washer to be a green cleaning tool as well. Once the Generac 2500 becomes a part of your cleaning routine, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

How Do You Use a Generac 2500PSI Pressure Washer?

The key to using a pressure washer is understanding the jobs that it does. The pressure washer forces high-pressure water through a small opening to basically remove any dirt or grime on a surface. The tougher the cleaning job, the higher the PSI on a pressure washer. This is why the Generac power washer 2500 psi is the standard for people who do serious cleaning. This pressure washer gets everything off of a surface so that all you’re left with is a beautiful, clean area.

Once you start the pressure washer, be sure the stream of water is constant. This means making sure there are no places the hose can kink. Add the cleaning solution, then point the wand and press the trigger. Water will come out. Be sure to point it away from any plants, animals and people. Pressure washing can seriously injure people and hurt lawns due to the power with which the water is propelled forward.

What are the Best Surfaces to Use a Generac 2500PSI Pressure Washer On?

Almost any surface that is solid is good to use a pressure washer. However, don’t use this on cars unless you have the right nozzle on. Concrete surfaces or the side of a home are great to use pressure washers on. Furthermore, you can use these tools on a concrete roof.

Because these areas are solid, they take pressure washing quite well. Depending on the nozzle and the pressure, there is a chance that old, loose paint can be removed from a home. This is why painters always pressure wash prior to applying new coats of paint. Concrete is perfect to pressure wash because when you’re done, the concrete looks as if it was just poured.

Different Types of Nozzles

Different nozzles do different types of jobs. Make sure that you use the right nozzle for each job. The Generac is perfect for all types of nozzles. You can get a nozzle that sprays at different angles or one that funnels the water in one tight straight stream.

The detergent use nozzle is a good one for washing a car, for example. Others like the zero-degree nozzle because of its spraying power. Another tip is using these nozzles together. For example, spraying the surface with the zero-degree nozzle is perfect to remove dirt and debris. Once it dries a bit, then use the detergent nozzle to clean the surface. This will help keep the surface from getting dirty quickly.

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