The JÙS by Julie 3-Day Blended Juice Cleanse is a quick and easy way to start fresh. This juice cleanse is designed to rid your body of unwanted toxins that cause pain, bloating and discomfort. The cleanse consists of six uniquely blended juices per day for a total of 18 juices. It's designed to provide your body with the maximum amount of nutritional benefits in each day. All the juices are freshly made through a unique blending process that's designed to maintain the fiber of all the ingredients, as this will help your body feel full and nourished all day long.

This 3-day cleanse supports a renewed sense of energy, a noticeable decrease in cravings and a side effect of weight loss. When complete, the cleanse will allow you to transition back to a healthy diet and get right back to your busy lives.

Made fresh daily from only pure and raw ingredients, JÙS by Julie JÙSes and Booster Shots are designed to rid your body of impurities while keeping you fueled with essential vitamins. Julie, a certified nutritionist, developed the JÙSes to provide her family and friends with a delicious way to stay happy and healthy. JÙS by Julie’s products are simple, honest and down to earth — made from nature's finest produce and a generous dose of love. Nothing more, nothing less.

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