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Gypsophilia ' Baby's Breath', Mirabella (choose 5 or 10 bunches)

Item # 535937

Product Details

About this item

  • Commonly known as Baby's Breath
  • Choose 5 or 10 bunches
  • Approx. stem length: 65-70 cm/25-27 in
  • Imported from Ecuador

Orders can be placed 30 days in advance prior to event day. Suggested delivery to be 2 days prior before event. 

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Found near the Gulf of Mexico, the Gypsophilia, Mirabella (choose 5 or 10 bunches) is the perfect flower for any occasion. Although these flowers travel thousands of miles, they are looked after by a professionally-trained staff and will be a great addition to any event. Buy in bulk to save and impress your guests.

Are These Batches of Baby's Breath Flower Good for Weddings?

Gypsophilia, Mirabella, also known as baby's breath, is a beautiful flower with white petals. Great in clear, silver, black and most designer ceramic or glass vases, these flowers are well-suited for special events such as weddings. The easy care for these flowers makes them the perfect addition to a detailed table and chair design. These batches help you save money and provide a premium, exotic flower for everybody to see. Complement your event, regardless if it is a birthday, wedding or any large gathering.

How Can I Keep My Baby's Breath Flower Fresh?

The Gypsophilia, Mirabella comes from Latin America and is ordered fresh. To maintain quality at home, a few simple steps will keep your flower arrangement healthy and beautiful. Following your purchase of the flowers, open each bunch and make a small cut at the bottom of the stem. Each stem is about 65-70cm long, so ensure your bucket or vase can accommodate about half the length. Then, place the flowers into lukewarm water. With this method, each baby's breath flower batch can last for weeks or longer.

Where Can I Purchase Baby's Breath Flowers?

After learning so much about a special flower, you might be wondering where to buy baby's breath flowers. Baby's breath is a precious flower from the beautiful South American country of Ecuador. Sam's Club has an exclusive arrangement that allows these flowers to be imported year-round. Sam's Club ensures that these flowers maintain their freshness and quality. You can also order baby's breath flower right to your doorstep through the Sam's Club website.

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