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Bamboo-Polyfill Pillows, Jumbo (2-pack)

by Essence of Bamboo |
Item # 39540
Model # 10BAM-5J2PK |

Product Details

Why We Love This

These ultra-soft hypoallergenic pillows are made with bamboo and a down-alternative fiber fill that will support and cradle your neck in any sleep position.

About this item

  • Luxurious comfort that keeps you cooler
  • A jumbo pillow that supports neck and spine alignment
  • Hypo-allergenic fibers repel dust mites an other allergens
  • Bamboo-Polyfill pillows are made of renewable bamboo
  • Provides support to promote a good night's sleep
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Bamboo-Polyfill Pillows, Jumbo (2-pack) are the ultimate sleep solution. They are made with bamboo, a sustainable resource, so you can sleep well knowing you're doing good both for your body and the environment.

What Makes Bamboo-Polyfill Pillows, Jumbo So Effective?

The special blend of bamboo and a down-alternative fiber provides exceptional support for your neck and spine. When your neck and spine are misaligned, your nervous system, as well as your spinal column are put under stress. This results in pain and discomfort that can last hours or even days. Bamboo-Polyfill Pillows, Jumbo provide the support you need in order to have a well-aligned spine as well as a soft, comfortable sleep.

Is the Bamboo Fiber Comfortable?

Yes, even though they are made from bamboo, these fibers are ultra-smooth and very comfortable. The fibers are tiny and perfectly interwoven to create a soft surface for your head and face as you lie down for a great night's sleep. They are not abrasive or even slightly uncomfortable like some wool products. Rather, they have a feel that is much more like silk.

Hypo-Allergenic Properties

The fibers are also a healthy way to get a good night's sleep. They are hypo-allergenic, meaning they create an atmosphere that makes it easy for those with allergies to have an uninterrupted night of rest. They do not create an environment that is friendly to dust mites, and they do not contain materials that are going to make allergies flare up, such as special scents or chemicals. They are designed to be both good for you and for the environment. Bamboo is a grass, and as we all know, grass grows—and quickly. Therefore, chopping down bamboo does far less lasting damage to the ecosystem than cutting trees or the general deforestation that supplies our lumber and paper needs. When you purchase Bamboo-Polyfill Pillows, Jumbo, you are becoming part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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