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  • 100 blank CDs
  • 52X high speed recording, allows you to record a CD in less than 2 minutes
  • 700MB storage capacity
  • 80 Minutes of recording space per disc
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Yes, blank CDs still exist. Verbatim™ 700MB 80MIN 52X CD-R Spindle, 100 Pack computer CDs are the top-of-the-line discs and come backed by a lifetime warranty. These are not the same CDs that you used to burn mixtapes on—they have vastly improved over the past decade. Long forgotten are the days of Napster and Limewire, and long forgotten are the painfully slow and noisy spinning discs that would take hours to record onto. The Verbatim 700MB 80MIN 52X CD-R Spindle provides you with 100 CDs that are ready to be recorded at blazing speeds. You can complete a full recording in less than two minutes. Yes, you read that right: less than two minutes. Back in the day, it was more like two hours. Just as all other technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, these humble Verbatim CDs have too.

How Much Recording Time Is On One CD?

Each CD in this Verbatim 700MB 80MIN 52X CD-R Spindle holds up to 700MB of data, or 80 minutes of recording time. That's up to 175 songs (at an average size of 4MB per song). That means you can drive from New York to Philadelphia, then to Pittsburgh, then to Cleveland, listening to just one CD the entire way. A single Verbatim 700MB means eight 20-track albums where each song is up to you. It's a combination of your favorite musical masterpieces, all stitched into one. The road trip is calling you.

Do These Work in a CD Drive for PC?

Yes, these are CDs for computer use and have been tested and proven to work on all leading industry CD drives on PC.

How Many Photos Can Fit on One CD?

A typical 10-megapixel JPEG image measures around 3MB, which means you can store over 225 images on one disc. Even with larger or higher-resolution images, you will fit 100+ images on this disc, which means three or more rolls of film, preserved for a lifetime on a safe and reliable—and easy to organize—hard copy. CDs are much easier to store and care for than film or photo prints, and these CDs are guaranteed for life.

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