*Deleted* Crystal Light On The Go Soft Drink Mix Raspberry Ice (.08oz / 30pk)

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    • 30 packets of powdered fruit drink mix
    • 5 calories per serving
    • Sugar-free
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    Crystal Light® Raspberry Ice On The Go Soft Drink Mix is all your bland bottled water needs to transform into a thirst-quenching and low-calorie marvel of modern beverages. Crystal Light is the flavor that has inspired dedicated followers for decades, and these little packets allow you to take the mouthwatering flavor of Crystal Light raspberry flavored drink mix anywhere you go. These little packets of fruit powder drink mix are extremely addictive and you'll find yourself stacking them at your desk or in your kitchen so you can keep the sweet raspberry flavor flowing. This box comes with 30 individual packets that are designed to be thrown in your purse or pocket for consumption on the go. You never know when you'll be craving a sweet, thirst-quenching beverage and all you can find is regular old water. That's when Crystal Light On The Go Soft Drink Mix packets come in handy to save the day. Soon, everyone around you will be asking for a sip or for their own packet to sprinkle in their boring glass of water.

    Always Sugar-Free

    Crystal Light is always sugar-free and always has been. Because their signature fruit powder drink contains no sugar and only five calories, some believe it is a healthy drink for kids who would otherwise drink soda or juice alternatives that are high in sugar and cause blood glucose spikes.

    Does Crystal Light Make Good Mixed Drinks?

    Yes, many people love to use Crystal Light Raspberry Ice On The Go Soft Drink Mix as a mixer in their favorite cocktail with their liquor of choice. It's a low-calorie, zero-sugar option when you just want a sweet drink but don't want the headache and sugary teeth associated with it.

    Are These Packets Suitable for Resale?

    Yes, this box comes with a tear-away top to turn it into a convenient display and dispensing box from which customers can grab as many packets as they want. It's great for concession stands or convenience stores that do a high amount of low-volume purchase business. Place it alongside the bottled water to entice customers with a better alternative to soft drink mix.

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