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  • Manages to keep your drink at the ideal temperature
  • Complete, one-piece design reduces the chance of leakage
  • Compatible with both hot or cold refreshments
  • Consists of high-quality materials
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Caterers, restaurants and other facilities adore Dart® Hot and Cold Foam Cups, 20 oz. (500 ct.). This colossal pack is an excellent choice for anyone in charge of handing out foam cups in waiting rooms, office breaks rooms, parties and more. It's also ideal for fraternity parties, friendly gathering, BBQs and other celebrations. With this in your possession, you can ensure that everyone gets a cup.

Why Use Dart Hot and Cold Foam Cups?

Dart makes these foam that insulates beverages, keeping them at a proper temperature for an extended period. Likewise, the foam keeps the exterior cool so that you can comfortably grasp the cup with minimal effort. This feature makes this suitable for both cold and hot beverages. You can use this to sip hot coffee without experiencing any irritation when you're holding the cup. Also, you can pour cold water into your foam cup and manage to hold it firmly. These foam cups are compatible with other beverages as well. Anyone can use these to hold beer, vodka, soda pop, fruit juice, tea or coffee, which makes these foam cups convenient and versatile.

What Can I Do with Dart Hot and Cold Foam Cups?

Although they're great for holding your favorite beverages, these foam cups are also useful in other ways. For instance, they're excellent for arts and crafts projects in schools or at the house. Children can paint and decorate each foam cup in any way that they like. This kind of project can be a fantastic way to teach kids to express their creativity and explore their imagination. Some examples include transforming a foam cup into a penguin or a pumpkin. However, you can also fashion them into leprechauns on St. Patrick's day or Santa Clause on Christmas. Coloring them into Easter eggs or rabbits can be a fun Easter project, too.

About the Company

These foam cups come from the Dart Container Corporation, which is an American company that specializes in producing various foodservice packaging products like containers, lids, straws, plates and cups. The company now distributes its products to consumers all over the world. And while it's passionate about delivering high-quality goods, it also aspires to reduce its environmental footprint by implementing effective business operations. Similarly, the company aspires to improve local communities by contributing to projects that can help people. Among these projects are blood drives, educational programs and more. It also donates and money to reliable nonprofit organizations.

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