Achieve a bright, white smile with this Dazzlepro Halo White teeth whitening system. A silicone mouthpiece provides precise molding to keep whitening gel on the surface of the tooth and limit exposure to the sensitive gum area. The included solution is designed to deliver maximum results within six consecutive applications. Each Dazzlepro teeth-whitening session lasts 12 minutes, so you spend less time waiting.

    Dual-barrel syringes keep key ingredients separate until application, while patented disposable mix tips ensure the ingredients mix thoroughly for a potent active solution. This Dazzlepro Halo White teeth whitening system includes a convenient carry case for easy transportation.

    Ideal Ingredients

    Together with other ingredients, the 12 percent hydrogen peroxide gel in this Dazzlepro Halo White whitening kit safely interacts with tooth enamel to remove surface stains and whiten teeth by up to 6 shades. The whitening gel contains potassium nitrate, a desensitizing ingredient that helps ensure there is no pain or sensitivity at any point during or after the whitening process.

    Will this gel damage my enamel or make my teeth more sensitive?

    This Dazzlepro Halo White teeth whitening system contains professional-grade ingredients that ensure no pain or sensitivity is caused throughout the process.

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