When you're redesigning a room, you want to make it look perfect. You spend time choosing the right colors to paint the walls and ceiling. You choose the furniture that provides comfort, elegance and which fits the new color scheme. More importantly, you will spend lots of time with your significant other at the electronics store determining which television is best to watch football games on. However, the most important piece is missing, one that will light up your room and give it character. With the Design House® 5-Light Chandelier Torino Collection - Satin Nickel, you can bring your newly designed room to life.

What Are the Best Colors to Use with These Modern Ceiling Lights?

This satin nickel lighting chandelier has a finish that’s similar to the color of nickel, with an addition of lacquer that gives a dulled appearance. It works great with a variety of colors. If you've chosen to paint your room dark, using inset lights will make the Design House 5-Light Chandelier Torino Collection - Satin Nickel more prominent. For lighter colored walls, these ceiling lights resemble chandeliers that are placed in many art exhibits.

Which Room Should I Use the Satin Nickel Lighting Chandelier In?

The Design House 5-Light Chandelier Torino Collection - Satin Nickel works great in a variety of rooms. While most bedroom ceiling lights are simple, if your bedroom has a raised ceiling, this is the perfect chandelier. For your home's entryway, the satin nickel lighting chandelier would look great in front of a wooden spiral staircase with white marble steps. There are many ways to include the satin nickel lighting chandelier in your home design, making it a great backdrop for future family and prom photos.

Will This Chandelier Look Great in My Kitchen?

If you've recently updated your kitchen with modern countertops, appliances and other furniture, then this chandelier will complement the ambiance of your room. With five lighting lamps, you can work on cooking meals with precision. It’s great for cooking meals that require high attention to detail, such as sushi and pho.

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