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  • Cleansing and exfoliation: Urban Dust Free cleansing foam and Control-Tox peeling gel
  • Toning and moisturizing: Water Fullcharge All-in-One moisturizer
  • Extra hydration: Aqua Ceramide essential ampoule and Water Fullcharge cream
  • Eye brightening: Intense Lifting eye cream
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Establish a rejuvenating six-step Korean skincare routine with this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials set. This complete package provides everything you need for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, correcting and eye area care. Start your regimen with the Dr. Frog Urban Dust Free cleansing foam, which contains moringa leaf and seed extracts and moringa seed oil to nourish and purify your skin while eliminating fine dirt from your pores.

Ideal for use twice a week after cleansing, the Dr. Frog Control-Tox peeling gel promotes skin renewal and improves skin tone through natural exfoliating and moisturizing agents. For a regular skincare routine without the exfoliation step, use the Dr. Frog Water Fullcharge All-in-One moisturizer which performs all the functions of a toner, lotion, essence and cream.

To achieve firmer skin and a more youthful glow, use the Dr. Frog Aqua Ceramide essential ampoule for moisture retention and skin brightening. Next, lock in all the ampoule’s nutrients with the Dr. Frog Water-Fullcharge cream to create a moisture layer for enhanced skin elasticity. Finish your treatment by using the Dr. Frog Intense Lifting eye cream to hydrate, smooth and brighten the eye area.

Natural Active Ingredients

TOCOVITA C, a patented antioxidant formula found in most products in this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials set, is a combination of vitamins C and E, which brightens, moisturizes and calms the skin. Other patented ingredients include natural extracts from persimmon, elm tree, soybean peel, poison bulb and raspberry.

For Normal and Sensitive Skin

Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials set is suitable for most skin types. All products in this set are dermatologically tested for safe use, and the Dr. Frog Control-Tox peeling gel has a low-irritation formula to suit sensitive skin.

An Indulgent Gift

This six-piece Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials skincare set makes an ideal gift for yourself or for a K-Beauty fan. Use this kit as a simplified alternative to the popular 10-step Korean skincare regimen.

What are some of the active ingredients in these skincare products?

Most products in this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials skincare set contain the antioxidant TOCOVITA C. Other active ingredients include plant and fruit extracts.

Is this set ideal for all skin types?

All products in this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials set are dermatologically tested to be safe for all skin types.

Does this set make a good gift?

Complete with six skincare products, this Dr. Frog K-Beauty Box Essentials set makes a great gift for beauty enthusiasts.

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