With Funphix toys, children design, and plan their own construction world. They can build a variety of designs including attics, playhouses, boats and towers—the design possibilities are limited only by their imagination.

Easy to Connect

Simply put a tube over a connector and insert a screw, then use a key to turn the screw 90° to lock the tube with the connector. To detach a tube from a connector, first remove the screw by turning it back 90°, then turn the tube slightly and remove from the connector. A comprehensive instruction manual which outlines the basic assemblies/fun structures and safety warnings is included with every builder toys set.

Endless Creative Fun

Use the self-built play structure for climbing, sliding and endless hours of active, imaginative play. The Deluxe set contains 296 pieces of connectors, tubes, panels and screws made of durable thermoplastic materials that are designed to last. Use this construction set in your kid’s playroom or take it the outside. 2-year warranty on our product.

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