The Google Home® Mini™ 3-Pack (Choose Color) is a set of small but mighty smart speakers with the Google Assistant™ built in. Designed for use in the home or office, this three-pack lets you accomplish more, and all hands-free. Put two at each end of your house and one at your desk so whenever you need help, it's right there by your side.

    What Does It Need to Work?

    The Google Home Mini 3-Pack requires a home Wi-Fi system to connect to, a nearby electrical outlet and a compatible mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Controlling certain features and devices in your home does require a compatible smart device. For example, asking your Google Home Mini to play a show on your TV requires a Google Chromecast™. Controlling things like lights and thermostats requires compatible smart thermostats and smart lights linked to Google Home. Controlling devices such as fans, coffee makers and baby monitors in your home requires compatible smart plugs or switches.

    What Can It Do?

    Offering integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, voice recognition and home automation support, the Google Home Mini 3-Pack will connect to your home Wi-Fi system to provide control over virtually all of the smart devices that you own. It can stream or play music, report on the weather, traffic and sports scores, control your compatible smart home items and more. With far-field voice recognition and Google Assistant, the built-in microphone lets the Google Home Mini recognize your voice and perform requested tasks in an instant. It can learn and distinguish up to six different voices, providing ease of use and comfortable control for the whole family. At only about 3.86 inches wide and 1.65 inches tall, the Google Home Mini 3-Pack is designed to fit nearly anywhere that you could possibly need it.

    About Google Home Sustainability

    Operating with sustainability in mind has been a core value at Google from the very beginning. They believe that everyone has a critical role in ensuring that we all have clean soil, air, water and healthy forests and communities. Now that Google's business includes manufacturing electronic products, their commitment remains the same.

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