Protect your loved ones with the Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (3 Pack) - Choose Power Type. You can't prepare for fires and carbon monoxide leaks, but you can be alerted to their presence with this three-pack alarm system. The redesigned Split-Spectrum Sensor is tested to last for up to a decade, providing you peace of mind. The enhanced alarm system connects directly to your smartphone so you can receive alerts for smoke and CO detection or low batteries. Available in wired or battery powered options, the Nest Protect 2nd Generation alarm system is a step above the rest.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

Carbon monoxide and smoke can be silent dangers for you and your family. A smoke and carbon monoxide alarm provides sufficient warning to clear out of your home in case of a fire or CO leak. More than one million homes experience high levels of CO per year and fire spreads six times faster than it did 40 years ago. An advanced warning system is vital to keep your loved ones and your possessions safe.

How Is the Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Powered?

Nest provides an option for a wired or wireless alarm unit. Power your wireless unit with six AA batteries. The wired unit supports three AA batteries in case of a power failure. Nest Protect 2nd Generation tests itself and its power supply more than 400 times a day to prevent those untimely low-power chirps.

Connects with Your Smartphone for Enhanced Capabilities

Receive alerts directly to your smart device and turn off unnecessary alarms. Burning toast and don't want the smoke alarm to go off? It can be hushed from your phone. The Nest Protect app can also perform safety checkups and can be set up with individual family accounts for individual passwords and alerts.

An Alarm That Will Light Your Way

The Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm doubles as a soft night light. When you walk beneath it, the unit glows to light your way.

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