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  • The Israeli ruscus plant is imported from Columbia
  • Long life
  • Great for all flower arrangements
  • Use clear or specially designed vase
  • Perfect for weddings

Orders can be placed 30 days in advance prior to event day. Suggested delivery to be 2 days prior before event. 

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Found in the northwest of South America, the Israeli ruscus (200 stems) is a beautiful green plant that complements all flower arrangements. This large package is great for larger events, such as weddings, communions, graduations and any celebration. Mixed with the right colors, you can keep your event looking exotic.

Is the Israeli Ruscus Good for Events?

Israeli ruscus is a beautiful, green plant that makes a great addition to any event. With a bit of imagination, it is easy to imagine how wonderful Israeli ruscus greenery would look within your chosen venue. If you are having a large wedding, mixing the Israeli ruscus plant with other types of flowers would make your tables and counters come to life. Add red, pink and white flowers to complement the beautiful green colors of the Israeli ruscus. It's also great for designing the home, garden and other areas around your house.

How Can I Keep the Israeli Ruscus Plant Fresh?

Israeli ruscus comes from South American before making it to your home. Once these flowers arrive, they are taken care of immediately by the well-trained staff at Sam's Club. To ensure these flowers last for as long as possible, be sure to put them in water immediately after purchase. This can be done by cutting each stem of the Israeli ruscus plant. Each stem length is between 20 to 24 inches and can easily fit in most vases. With adequate care, your flowers will last as long as possible.

Where Can I Purchase the Israeli Ruscus Plant?

Imported from Columbia, the Israeli ruscus plant is difficult to find. A trip to your local florist will reveal the limited selection of flowers from around the globe and surely the lack of selection of Columbia. These special flowers are available at your local Sam's Club. Available throughout the year, you can walk into your nearest Sam's Club and be sure to find a batch. You can also make an order for the Israeli ruscus plant online. Please be available during the delivery so you can place the flowers in water.

Please have someone available to receive and process the flowers on the delivery date. Signature will be required for delivery.

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