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For decades, these delicate little clusters have been used as a symbol of the pure and innocent beginnings of love. In snowball size, these bunches also pack a fun and festive feel to wedding bouquets and arrangements.

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  • Grade: 250 GR
  • Bunches: 5 or 10
  • Stems per bunch: 8-10
  • Shipped in protective individual sleeves
  • Imported from Ecuador

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Gypsophila, Snowball (5 or 10 bunches) is also known as the beloved "baby's breath" flower and is a delicate and romantic symbol of pure love. It is a beautiful stand-alone flower or easily paired with other flowers for a gorgeous bouquet.

Why Select Gypsophila, Snowball?

These bunches of Gypsophila Snowball offer a larger flower head than the traditional presentation of other Baby's Breath bouquets. This allows the flower to pop and stand on its own, rather than only be used as a filler in amongst other flowers. The Baby's Breath flower's delicate white buds are true, bold white in color and make the perfect choice for weddings and anniversaries. These elegant and treasured white flowers symbolize purity and elegance. Use them as the perfect choice for filling special romantic bouquets and to dress up special occasions. Due to the large, snowball size of these special baby's breath flower bunches, these flowers make exceptional boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets and centerpieces.

How Do I Care for My Gypsophila, Snowballs?

When you arrive home, unpack your flowers immediately and fill a clean container or vase with fresh cool water. Use a sharp knife or scissors and create a 45-degree angle cut least 1/2 inch off the end of the stems. Next, simply place the flowers in the prepared container and allow your flowers to properly hydrate for 1-2 hours. Afterward, arrange your flowers for your desired effect.

Gypsophila, Snowball Maintenance

For maximum health of the flowers, do not place Baby's Breath flowers in direct sunlight or near fruits and vegetables. When you expose flowers to a warmer environment it will help the flower bloom, while storing the flowers in a cooler area will slow down the bloom process. Don't forget to change water and re-cut stems every 3 days and remove any foliage that falls below the waterline of your container. The leaves that fall will rot and cause bacteria to form and shorten the flower’s life.

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