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  • Sliced hot dog buns that are 6 inches long
  • Light, fluffy, and sturdy
  • Suitable for any type of hot dog, sausage, or bratwurst
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Enjoy the texture and quality of Home Pride Hot Dog Buns.

Sturdy Hot Dog Buns

Home Pride Hot Dog Buns are light, fluffy and sturdy enough to hold even the heavier hot dogs or sausages you put into the sliced buns. This Home Pride bread is made from enriched wheat grains and is suitable for use with any hot dogs, sausages or brats of your preference.

Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

There's a classic debate about whether or not to consider hot dogs and hamburgers sandwiches. By definition, you could consider a hot dog or hamburger a sandwich because a sandwich is technically any meat or filling that is placed between a split-roll or two slices of bread, like this Home Pride bread. So, by definition, yes: the hot dog you plan on eating with Home Pride Hot Dog Buns is a sandwich. However, tomatoes are technically considered fruits, but we don't think of them in the same light as pineapple, strawberries, bananas, etc. Just because that hot dog you place between bread slices meets the classic definition of a sandwich doesn't really mean anyone is going to consider it as such. In fact, whenever you go to a restaurant, you never see hot dogs or burgers listed in the same section as turkey bacon club sandwiches or other sandwiches. No, hot dogs and burgers are in a section and league of their own. They may meet the technical definition and requirements of a sandwich, but the hot dog and burger truly have taken on identities of their own.

What Are Enriched Hot Dog Buns?

The Home Pride bread used to make these hot dog buns comes from wheat flour that has been enriched. Enriched hot dog buns are called "enriched" because extra nutrients were added to the bread to make up for any nutrients that may have been lost during the grinding process of the wheat kernels to produce flour.

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