This handsome KitchenAid 30"Built-In Island Gas Grill Head is constructed with premium corrosion-resistant materials for durability and ease of upkeep. Boasting 774 square inches of total cooking space, this unit thrusts up to 61,000 BTUs of fire-roasting energy across four main stainless steel burners and one ceramic rotisserie burner.

Perched above the primary burners are angled flame tamers that deflect heat, prevent flare-ups and vaporize drippings into flavor infusions that permeate foods with a distinctive smoky taste that lets you know you cooked this on a BBQ. This Even-Heat System distributes consistent and uniform heat across the stainless steel-wrapped cooking grates so there aren't any hot spots. Electronic ignition allows burners to fire up instantly and the built-in thermometer enables precise temperature regulation.

Can you convert this grill to use natural gas?

Yes. The grill comes with built-in propane and you can convert it to a natural gas grill with the conversion kit. 

What kind of stainless steel is used for the cooking grids?

This grill features 304-grade stainless steel wrapped cooking grids for superb heat retention.

How can I control the temperature on this grill?

Use the built-in thermometer to carefully monitor the temperature, and adjust the heat as necessary.

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