When dealing with a dry throat or mouth, chewing gum or sucking on hard candy can help alleviate the symptoms. Lifesavers® Hard Candy Bag (41 oz.) gives you all the classic Lifesavers tastes you love in a handy package. You can store it in your office or at home.

Are The Candies in the Lifesavers Hard Candy Bag Individually Wrapped?

When they get hot, Lifesavers tend to stick together. To combat this problem and to make them easier to transport, these candies are individually wrapped. However, that does not make them labeled for individual resale. Instead, the sweets in this package are wrapped in clear plastic so that you can include them in your lunches, candy dishes, or carry them in your purse or pocket.

What Are the Lifesavers Candy Flavors in the Bag?

This bag is filled with the original Lifesaver hard candy flavors. The five tastes include the favorite cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple. Sadly, the favorite Lifesaver Wintergreen mints are not included in this package.

What Is the Nutritional Value of Lifesavers Hard Candy?

A serving of Lifesavers original hard candies is four pieces. There are 60 calories in each serving with no fat, cholesterol or sodium. There are 14 grams of carbohydrates with 12 grams of sugar. Each 41-ounce package contains approximately 77 servings for a total of around 300 pieces of candy.

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