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  • Multi-use ladder
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Wide legs provide extra support
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Easy to store when not using
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Getting to high places is easy with the Little Giant Ladder Velocity® Model 26 extension ladder. This ladder is a multi-use ladder, so its perfect for any job. Storage is easy because the Little Giant folding ladder is compact and will go in any space. Professionals in all the trades trust the Little Giant ladder to be safe and secure as they do various types of jobs.

This ladder had a variety of heights and depending on its use, you will have no problem getting where you need to go. Folks love this ladder because it serves so many different functions. It is a safe, secure ladder that eliminates the need for different types of A-frame and extension ladders. Why have multiple ladders when one does everything you need?

What Types of Jobs Is This Ladder Meant For?

Using the Little Giant ladder is very simple. The ladder will contort to whatever position that you need. Frame ladders are perfect for smaller jobs like replacing lights or getting to medium height places. These types of ladders are perfect for installing light fixtures or doing work near the ceiling. An A frame ladder is designed to be stable despite the shifting that may occur.

Extension ladders are similar in their specified use. The reason for using them is getting up to larger heights. One of the biggest reasons people need extension ladders is to get on a roof. Because roofs have a height around ten feet, there’s very few A frame ladders that will get a person up to the roof. Instead, the extension ladder’s length gets it right onto the eave, making it easy for you to go up on the roof.

The Little Giant does so much more though. It can be a 90-degree ladder, used as a staircase or you can buy accessories and turn it into a scaffolding unit. This ladder does everything a homeowner or professional would need, and it does it by being insanely durable and stable.

What Separates the Little Giant from the Competition?

The Little Giant is designed to hold up to 300 pounds due to its aerospace style construction, wide flared legs and its lightweight design. Clocking in at only 50 pounds, this ladder can be stored nearly anywhere, and its compact design makes it extremely easy to transport. Moving the ladder into the proper positions is easy thanks to its intuitive design. Instead of having to clank around the ladder as you would an extension ladder, just move the ladder into the position and secure it easily.

With varying heights for the A frame and extension heights along with the different ladder stylings, this ladder can do any job and is able to be specialized in a way the other ladders can’t.

Ladder Safety

As with any ladder, be sure to have someone spotting you as you go up the ladder. Having someone there to keep the ladder steady is critical to ensuring the ladder doesn’t fall or sway as you climb. Though the Little Giant is reliable, there is still an expectation to use proper ladder safety technique when using it.

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