Provide lighting and security for your home with the Maximus® Smart Home - Camera Floodlight (Choose Color).

    Not Just a Light

    The Maximus Smart Home - Camera Floodlight isn't just a light. This floodlight security camera combines a 1080p camera with a dimmable floodlight that powers up to 2,400 lumens of brightness. The floodlight cam also features a loud 100 dB siren to scare away any potential threats to your home and safety. This smart floodlight cam also connects to your home's Wi-Fi network and is compatible with Google® Assistant, Amazon® Alexa and is weatherproof.

    Easy to Install

    The Maximus floodlight camera comes with a quick-connect installation plate and no additional wiring is needed for installation.

    What's the Camera's Field of View?

    The camera on the Maximus Smart Home - Camera Floodlight offers a 155-degree field of view to catch anything you need. In addition to its wide-angle field of view and 100 dB siren, the floodlight cam also features 2-way audio with the ability to play prerecorded messages for guests that are wanted and guests that are not wanted. Also, the floodlight security camera features a convenient app you can use on your smartphone. The app is free and also offers 2 free hours of cloud storage for your security camera footage. If you'd like more cloud storage, you can take advantage of a paid plan that offers additional storage, activity zones and person detection that start at low rates of $5 per month. The compatible app allows you to call 911 in case of emergency. The Maximus floodlight camera offers you convenient security at any time.

    What's the Detection Range of the Floodlight?

    The floodlight on this floodlight security camera can detect people and things from up to 70 feet away. Also, the camera has a 270-degree field of detection. The instantaneous flash of the bright-beamed light is sure to frighten any unwanted guests. And to offer even more versatility, the camera lens is able to adjust 40 degrees to the left, right, up or down.

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