Convenient multi-use pads are a must-have item for all new parents for waterproof protection at home and on-the-go with baby. The Sealy Multi-Use Pads come in a convenient 2-pack, so a clean, dry pad is always handy for feeding, burping, diaper changes and more. These portable travel pads can be used on shoulders, laps and changing tables to help create a cozy, well-protected surface for baby in public spaces. The polyester fleece construction is soft and comfortable for infants. A PVC-free 100% waterproof layer provides added protection from leaky messes and spills and makes clean-up a breeze. 

The 2-sided reversible pads feature hypoallergenic materials and ultrasonic quilt technology, so there are no loose threads on the surface or holes through the waterproof barrier. Sealy Multi-Use Pads are machine washable and dryer friendly for easy cleaning. Each pad measures 27” x 18” and is designed to easily fit in diaper bags or on changing table pads.

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