Keep your automobile running smoothly with Pennzoil® 10W-30 Motor Oil (12-pack / 1-quart Bottles). It cleans out engine grime (up to 40% during the first oil change) while it boosts gas mileage performance. Plus, you get plenty of oil for future oil changes with this case.

How Does Pennzoil's Active Cleaning™ Technology Work?

Clogging is the main cause of early engine failure--Pennzoil prevents sludge from becoming a barrier to smooth oil flow. Pennzoil's formula lifts off debris clinging to engine surfaces and moves it safely into the oil. Additionally, it prevents any new deposits from forming on the engine.

Can You Use Pennzoil Conventional 10W-30 Oil in Your Car?

Pennzoil 10W-30 Motor Oil is recommended for use in all vehicles designed for viscosity grade SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) 10W-30 oil in all driving conditions. Consult the owner's manual for the recommended viscosity engine manufacturers prefer for your particular engine.

Why Should You Use Pennzoil Motor Oil in Your Car?

Pennzoil, a leading motor oil company in the USA, has specially manufactured this oil to improve a car's performance in heavy traffic and during both high and low temperatures. Plus, its low-friction formula enhances gas mileage when compared with higher viscosities. No other leading conventional oil keeps engines running in better condition.

Can You Use Pennzoil with Other Brands of Motor Oil?

Pennzoil's formula can be mixed with other synthetic or mineral oils. It will clean out your engine no matter what. In fact, it continues to clean after the oil change.

How Much Pennzoil 10W-30 Motor Oil Is Included?

The case contains 12 bottles of 1-quart each, for a total of 3 gallons of motor oil. The packaging is perfect for larger vehicles, auto mechanic enthusiasts or for commercial purposes.

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