The NewAge Products Performance 2.0, 9-Piece Set provides ample space with a 72” worktop spanning three base cabinets along the walls. This is sufficient space for you to get things done around the room. This NewAge cabinet set also features two sturdy lockers so that all the stuff you need can be kept within easy reach while you’re at work. You can choose from a bamboo top or stainless-steel top for the New Age garage cabinets as well as a color option of blue or black.

Organize and Protect Your Equipment

New Age cabinets are ideal for keeping several items around your house in an organized place for easy access. The set has a functional design with a sturdy build that makes it attractive to work with. The double-walled doors and strong and the frame is made of 24-gauge steel to lend durability to the set. You can lock them for safekeeping your goods and the long-lasting construction ensures you don’t need to worry about the things you store inside becoming damaged. The stainless-steel handles have an ergonomic design for better grip while the frameless door lends a contemporary look to the interiors. The legs of the New Age Pro Series cabinets can be adjusted for better accommodation on uneven surfaces. In the bamboo worktop variant, the work surface has a rugged look where you can do home repairs, crafts or gardening work in a feel-good atmosphere.

How Is this Cabinet Set Designed?

This New Age garage cabinet set features a powder-coated finish and is made of 24-gauge steel. The doors on this New Age storage utility can be locked completely for better security of the stored goods. It has a stain-resistant finish that can be cleaned easily. The New Age Pro Series cabinet set is easy and secure to fix on the wall. The steel shelves offer height-adjustment attributes. The doors are designed in a flip-up style, so you get a wider opening through which to retrieve your supplies. The steel shelves are adjustable to provide a customized storage solution and larger space in which to place your belongings.

About NewAge Products

NewAge boasts of over a decade of experience in the development of organizational solutions for the domestic space. Their products are designed to address specific customer needs and make it easy for homeowners to maintain better organization around the house with their high-quality selection of products.

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