The treat you love getting at the mall is now available right in your own home! Pillsbury makes mornings special with quick place-and-bake cinnamon rolls with Cinnabon® cinnamon. There are few things that children love more than cinnamon rolls for breakfast. To cook, heat the oven to 375 degrees (or 350 degrees for dark or nonstick sheets) and cook for 10-12 minutes. With so many delicious recipes on the back of the box (Maple Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart, Cinnamon French Toast Bake, Cinnamon Roll Waffles, and Cinnamon Roll Silly Snails), you’ll never run out of creative ideas for breakfast or dessert that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Skip the trip to the mall and enjoy Pillsbury rolls with Cinnabon® cinnamon right at home. With 4 cans, you can breathe in the aromas over and over again! Tasty treat for any time of day - please the whole family with this. Made with Cinnabon® cinnamon: 4 cans; 8 cinnamon rolls per can; That's 32 delicious cinnamon rolls! Fluffy cinnamon rolls with a sweet, buttercream icing you spread on when they are fresh from the oven. Perfect for a quiet weekend morning or a holiday brunch with your loved ones along with some fresh fruit and delicious drinks.

What is in the Pillsbury Flaky Supreme Cinnamon Rolls with Icing Package?

Each multi-pack of cinnamon rolls contains four 13 oz. cans of cinnamon rolls with icing for 32 total cinnamon rolls if made as-intended, or try one of the several different recipes listed on the packaging. You can also use your creativity and imagination to make new recipes of your own.

Why go to the Mall When You Can Enjoy Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll at Home?

Now you don’t have to go to the mall to enjoy a Cinnabon cinnamon roll! No need to leave your home and deal with the crowded food court. This four-pack allows you to enjoy the delicious cinnamon goodness of Pillsbury Flaky Supreme Cinnamon Rolls with Icing from the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. You and your family can experience the scent of these tasty cinnamon rolls filling your home and making delicious memories!

Are Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls made with Cinnabon Cinnamon a Sam's Exclusive?

Yes. You can only get this bulk pack of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls made with Cinnabon cinnamon with icing at Sam's Club. Next time you go to Sam's Club to stock your pantry or storeroom, grab a few boxes of these delicious treats; your family, friends, and coworkers will thank you. Delicious cinnamon rolls are the perfect accompaniment for your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Slip one in your kids' school lunch to create a happy treat at lunchtime. Pillsbury tasty cinnamon rolls are great for any time of the day and are sure to please children and adults alike.

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