Give your carpets a serious clean with the Pro-Lite Upright Lightweight Commercial Vacuum. It's a powerful piece of cleaning equipment to have around the house or in a commercial establishment. It has a 160 CFM suction pump and delivers a high-speed sweeping performance. Aggressive agitation, a powerful motor and twin fans in this 8 lb heavy-duty commercial vacuum make for an effective, lightweight cleaning experience. Its various features help place this commercial vacuum cleaner among the best commercial vacuums for cleaning carpets.

What is the Pro-Lite Upright Lightweight Commercial Vacuum?

The Pro-Lite Upright Lightweight Commercial Vacuum weighs 8 lbs but is durable and powerful enough to tackle tough commercial cleaning needs. This lightweight commercial vacuum can also help in reducing the number of instances of on-the-job injuries and disabilities from repetitive motion performances, thus helping businesses save on compensation claims for grieving workers. The Pro-Lite commercial vacuum is capable of out-cleaning and outlasting lightweight vacuums. It's made with dual-fan technology for a deep clean and comes with a large paper bag that can be top-loaded. It also has a convenient low-usage profile that allows it to be stored flat under furniture.

What Are the Features of the Pro-Lite Upright Lightweight Commercial Vacuum?

This commercial upright vacuum comes with dual-fan technology to allow greater airflow so that the edges on both sides get cleaned out better. It comes with large enviro-clean bags for holding more debris compared to other commercial upright vacuum cleaner models. The nozzle is programmed to adjust automatically to commercial-grade carpets without manual intervention. The base plate of this office vacuum cleaner also has a squeegee attached for smooth transition between carpet and hard floors. A 50' cord makes the best commercial upright vacuum capable of reaching out to clean large areas.

How is the Pro-Lite Upright Lightweight Commercial Vacuum Different from the Rest?

This lightweight commercial vacuum weighs only 8lbs, which makes it easy to maneuver. Its lightweight nature also gives it greater ease of operation and helps make it easy to transport around the house or commercial establishment. It's a powerful, heavy-duty commercial vacuum that's made with a low profile, so you can conveniently store it under low-lying furniture. Its ergonomic handle further adds to the convenience of its operations.

About Powr-Flite

Powr-Flite began its operations in 1967 as a distributor for vacuum cleaner parts before developing their own cleaning device in 1986. Today the brand manufactures a range of floor cleaning machines and has earned a reputation for itself as a supplier of quality commercial cleaning equipment.

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