The Sportsman's Condo will make your hunting experience better by providing you with a safe, solid, no-rust/no-rot, weather-protected blind that allows you to spend more quality time in the field. The SC3 is the perfect size for an adult and two children. This unit provides all the attention to detail and security of our smaller models. Fully assembled, there are no seams, panels or parts, which makes for a stronger, quieter blind. This is the advantage of “Solid Blind Technology.”

Built to Last

Made of durable, all-weather polyethylene for years of maintenance-free use, the same material is used for the roof, the side and roof.The Sportsmam's Condo is one solid piece and can be elevated easily and quickly using our “All-In-One-Base” by using 4 × 4 posts for legs. It can also be used as a ground blind or you may do as some of our customers do–build a platform to set it on. Standard features include a full size, lockable door and large quiet-seal windows for maximum visibility and gun movement. Because of our Solid Blind Technology, snow weight is no problem.


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