Ensure that everyone has something to eat with Slim Jim® Beef 'n Cheese (1.5 oz., 14 pk.). This large box of beef sticks is an excellent choice for concession stands or convenience stores. It's also ideal for large families and office break rooms.

Why Use Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese?

Slim Jim makes this snack with real cheese and savory seasonings that countless customers enjoy. Each beef stick has plastic wrapping, which makes it easy to carry one while you're hiking in the park, strolling the beach or laboring at work. With Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese, you can alleviate hunger almost anywhere.

Who Makes Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese?

Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese comes from Conagra Brands, Inc., which is an American food company. The company makes and sells several products under popular brand names. While it dreams of delivering great goods, it also aspires to give back to communities and protect the environment.

Is Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese Good for You?

Each piece of Slim Jim Beef 'n Cheese consists of healthy ingredients that can bring you numerous advantages. Likewise, one serving contains 0g of trans fat, less than 1g of sugar and only 1g of carbohydrates. A beef stick is only 150 calories, so fitting one into your day is a breeze. Lastly, this snack includes essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals like protein, vitamin A, iron and calcium.

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