Sweet Dough Baked Pretzel (60 ct. case), the same delicious pretzels served in Sam's Club Café, can now be enjoyed in your home. These pretzels make watching the game, enjoying movie night or a snack with friends even better. 

About Sweet Dough Parbaked* Pretzels

This box contains 60 parbaked large frozen pretzels divided among three clear bags. These pretzels only need to be baked in the oven for three to four minutes at 350-degrees until they are perfectly golden and ready to be enjoyed. The order also includes packets of salt crystals and cinnamon sugar, which can be used to season the fresh-baked pretzels hot out of the oven.

*parbaked is a cooking technique where dough is partially baked and then rapidly frozen for storage.

Savory or Sweet 

Once baked, these large fresh-baked soft pretzels are perfectly chewy and can be enjoyed sweet, salty or a combination of both. The delicious flavor and simple preparation make them a go-to. Whether coated in sweet and fragrant cinnamon sugar or traditional with salt, everyone loves the taste and texture of these home-baked pretzels.

Baked & Seasoned Options

As a snack, parbaked pretzels are always good fresh from the oven and coated with the included seasonings, but there are more ways to enjoy every chewy bite. Cajun seasoning makes an enjoyable spicy version. You can top them with cheese and pepperoni and serve with marinara dip for a pretzel pizza. Seasoned with the included salt pack, they are delicious dipped into tangy mustard. After coating in cinnamon sugar, heat caramel dip and drizzle the pretzel with the sweet sauce. Broken into pieces after baking and served as dippers with cheese fondue for an alternative to bread.

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