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Designed with everything from swings to a slide and a super cool clubhouse, this play set boasts the ultimate for countless nonstop adventures. 

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  • Many different activities in one swing set
  • Sturdy Timber Cove swing set stands up to heavy use
  • Perfect design for all spaces
  • Instructions are perfect for non-professionals to assemble
  • Ideal for all backyards
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When looking for outdoor swing sets, it is easy to see why the Timber Cove swing set stands out. This swing set offers an array of activities for children and allows their imaginations to run wild. Outdoor swing sets are a staple of the childhood experience, and the backyard discovery Timber Cove swing set checks all the boxes.

When shopping for wooden swing sets, it is important to consider safety, space and assembly. Backyard swing sets and outdoor playsets are more intricate than the ones of the past. This is wonderful for kids, and fortunately, the manufacturers have made it easier than parents think to assemble.

What is the Ideal Placement for a Swing Set?

The key to setting up a swing set is ensuring that it is placed somewhere that a child won’t get hurt with simple play. This means if a child is swinging or going down the slide, they won’t get hurt during normal activity. The key to doing this is making sure where the swing set is placed is not near any structure.

The swing set should have a distance of 3 feet from any immovable structure. Fences, trees, sheds and the house itself should not be within this distance. This allows kids to play without worrying about hitting the house if coming down the slide.

The other consideration is the ground. Make sure the ground is level. If not, get out the shovel and start grading the area. This is actually quite easy with a solid piece of wood like a 4x4 and a tamp. Once the ground is prepared, the swing set can be assembled.

How Complex is Swing Set Assembly?

The tool everyone assembling a swing set should have is patience. There are a lot of parts and despite manufacturers recommending 24-48 hours, for most it takes double the time. Use a long weekend to assemble a swing set. To make things easier, be sure to get some friends and family to help. Many hands make the work a bit lighter.

The net thing to do is organize all the parts. The first thing to do is organize the hardware. These parts are small, so a smart thing to do is use bins to keep the hardware separated. There will be a need for about a dozen plastic bins. Use these bins to separate everything so it’s easier to get the parts needed during assembly.

Finally, separate the wooden parts. You could mark the underside of the wood to keep them together, or just separate the pieces based on what they are. The more organized the swing set parts are, the easier they are to assemble. The swing set will go up with appreciably less frustration.

Keep Safe on the Swing Set

Kids will naturally test the limits of a swing set, so be there with the tools needed to tighten bolts that come loose. Make sure the kids are not running on the swing set either, along with jumping off the swings. These are things that can cause injuries.

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