Viking's 10-Piece Cookware Set delivers even heating, thanks to its five-ply construction of alternating stainless-steel and hard-anodized aluminum layers. Brown, sear, braise, sauté, pan-fry and more for perfect steaks, stews and sauces.

The cookware set's 5-ply construction consists of three layers of aluminum alloy bonded between the hard-anodized exterior and stainless steel interior. Hard-anodized aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and twice as hard as stainless steel, making it an top-notch choice for the exteriors of pots and pans. The polished 18/8 stainless-steel cooking surfaces provide exceptional searing and browning and won't react with foods. With the combined layers of aluminum, this set of pots and pans deliver optimal heat transfer for delicious, even cooking results.

The set includes a sauté pan, two saucepans, two fry pans and a Dutch oven. Each piece in this cookware set is safe for use on all cooktops (including induction), in the oven, or on the grill up to 500° F. The striking stainless steel lids trap moisture and juices inside, whether you're simmering or searing. Interior US and metric volume markings make measuring liquids directly into the pan easy. Plus, the pots and pans feature Viking's signature stay-cool handles to provide balance, leverage and an ergonomic grip. The side "helper" handles are designed to be easy to grip even when you're using a towel or oven mitt.

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