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  • Wemo Insight Plug turns lights and appliances on/off from anywhere
  • Find out about energy consumption and costs
  • Intuitive—easy setup and easy use
  • Compatible with home assistant devices
  • Free Wemo app
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Want to know how much energy your lights and appliances are using in your home? The Wemo® Insight Smart Plug 2-Pack can help you with that. This smart plug also lets you control whatever you connect to them with your phone or your tablet. You get convenience and a way to help you save money from using the Wemo Insight Plug.

How Does the Wemo Insight Smart Plug Work?

These smart plugs are easy to use. All you have to do is plug the desired light or appliance into the Insight Smart Plug that you have already plugged into your normal outlet and you're all set to see how much energy is being consumed by that electrical device. Download the free Wemo App to your Android™ or iOS™ device and you're ready to start controlling that device from your phone or tablet.

Does the Wemo Insight Smart Plug Work With Home Assistant Devices?

Yes, it does. Wemo Smart Electric Plugs are compatible with Amazon® Alexa® And Google Voice™, as well as Nest® Thermostat. The Wemo plug will just work through your home WiFi network and turn your regular home electrical outlet into a smart power outlet.

Is There a Subscription Fee to Use Wemo Smart Plugs?

You do not need any kind of subscription to start using Wemo plugs for automating your home and finding out what your energy consumption is. Wemo makes the best smart plug for easily turning your home into a more convenient and more efficient up-to-date living space.

Does the Wemo Smart Plug Work with Other Wemo Products?

Yes, absolutely. Wemo Smart Plugs are compatible with all of the other products made by Wemo, such as the Wemo Smart Switch, which lets you control your home lighting with your phone, with your voice or from the switch on the wall.

What Else Can the Wemo Insight Smart Plug Do For Me?

You can set schedules and program your lights and appliances to turn off and on at certain times. You can set it up to receive notifications at certain usage levels. You can even set the lights to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.

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