The gorgeous black design of the Whirlpool Black Top Load Water Dispenser Water Cooler with Cold and Hot Water is accented with premium nickel trim, a color combination that fits into the decor of any kitchen or office space. This high-performance Whirlpool water dispenser features reliably cold and steaming hot water and is built to last through years of heavy use.

Perfectly Cooled

The most important feature of a water dispenser is how well it cools. Many brands struggle to maintain 50°F, which is just not cold enough. Whirlpool water coolers use a different type of cooling technology that forms ice inside the water tank, delivering refreshingly cold 40°F water when you need it most, like during a summer heat wave. 

Safe When Hot

The hot water uses patented technology to maintain water at a steaming temperature, which guarantees a well-brewed cup of tea. It also has a safety system that detects when no water is in the cooler, preventing the burning that occurs with other brands when their hot water systems are left running with no water. The faucets are engineered to be unbreakable with normal use, unlike many others that break off easily. To prevent scalds, the hot button is toddler resistant and placed on the top of the cooler to be out of reach of little ones. The Resource Saver™ switch in the back allows the hot water to be turned off when not in use. Compatible with both 5 and 3-gallon bottles.

Built to Last

The compressor and thermostat are engineered to outlast others by cycling their cooling system a fraction of the time others do. Since the compressor is turning on so much less, the components last far longer. The sturdy solid steel frame is built to take hundreds of pounds of top pressure. It’s designed this way to take continual rough loading of heavy bottles onto the top without cracking or warping. One bottle in one thousand has a pinhole, which suddenly causes the bottle to dump its water onto the floor. Whirlpool's leak guard technology immediately stops the leak, preventing costly water damage.



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