Looking for a great snorkeling set for the kids this upcoming season? The US Divers Premium Youth Snorkel Set is designed to fit youngster's faces with a silicone skirt fashioned for smaller, narrower faces on children ages 6+. The straps quick release, buckles provide for easy adjustments and the skirt is equipped with a one-handed nose pocket for easy ear equalization. Tempered glass lenses provide a wide field of vision in a low volume design.

Easy to Use and Comfortable

The dry-top snorkel is designed to prevent water from entering the snorkel for dry breathing when in use. The snorkels ergonomically-shaped mouthpiece and contoured tube are designed for a proper fit and will keep them in the water for hours of snorkeling fun. If any water enters the snorkel, it's easily expelled through the one-way purge valve at the snorkels mouthpiece section. The snorkel is also equipped with an easy-to-use snorkel keeper designed to attach to the mask strap. The fin has a been designed with the patented Hingeflex® technology for superior comfort for hours of nonstop use.

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