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Dog Beds and Houses

Dog beds and houses keep your pet comfortable when indoors and protected from the elements when spending time outside. Sam's Club® carries a variety of dog houses, quality dog beds and other pet supplies that help you protect your pooch and give him everything he needs.

Dog Houses

Dog houses make sure Fido has protection from the weather, and a comfortable spot for taking a nap while outdoors. There are simple, cozy designs that provide plenty of space for lying down, along with a roof that keeps the sun and rain off your pet. For dogs in colder climates, consider a large dog house that includes a floor heater and insulation. These options help ensure outside dogs have a warm, comfortable location when the weather turns colder. Check out the duplex dog houses for two dogs, or give your pooch the feel of his own condo with a house that includes steps and a balcony for seeing what's going on in the world.

Dog Beds

While most dogs will curl up anywhere for a quick nap, providing them with a quality dog bed makes sleeping much more comfortable. Bagel-style dog beds are oval-shaped and feature raised sides that give your pet a place to snuggle. Pillow beds resemble a large pillow with lots of padding. Pillow dog beds raise your pet slightly off the floor, making sure drafts and cold tiles never make him uncomfortable. For older pets and those with health issues, orthopedic foam beds provide optimal support and reduce pressure on the joints. There are also cots and sofas available that include legs that provide a higher perch for your pup.

If you're looking for ways to keep your indoor and outdoor pets comfortable, the dog houses and unique dog beds for sale at Sam's Club provide plenty of options for pets of all sizes and ages.