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Vitamins & Supplements

Sam’s Club® carries a wide selection of vitamins and supplements to keep you feeling your best. Whether you want a specific supplement for yourself or a daily multi-vitamin for your children, you are sure to find great choices here.

Benefits of Vitamins & Supplements

There are numerous benefits to starting a vitamin and supplement regiment. Daily multi-vitamins are designed for every individual and lifestyle. Vitafusion™; has a popular line of gummy vitamins with specific varieties for men and another for women, to ensure men and women get the precise vitamins and minerals they need every day. Kid-specific vitamins, like those by L’il Critters,® are made with kid-friendly flavors so your little one won’t mind taking a daily vitamin. Centrum® also creates vitamins designed for specific individuals, and the Centrum Silver line is an ideal multivitamin for men and women over the age of 50.

Supplements target specific needs and, like vitamins, are designed to complement your diet and lifestyle. Supplements by Align® are probiotics meant to balance your digestive tract to prevent stomach upsets and keep your body regular. Move Free® tablets and gummies keep joints healthy and supple, which is particularly helpful for those who currently play sports or have done so in the past.

Choosing Vitamins & Supplements

When it comes to choosing the right vitamins and supplements for your lifestyle, we at Sam’s Club know it may not be easy. Keeping your needs in mind helps, and we also have some tips below.

Co Q-10 is a popular antioxidant that helps keep your heart healthy and provides energy. It is also safe for those on statins.

For anyone who has the occasional restless night, taking Member’s Mark melatonin as a supplement can help you relax before bedtime and induce sleep naturally. Member’s Mark has an extensive line of value supplements, including vitamin C, calcium and Omega-3 varieties.

No matter what type of vitamins and supplements you need, you can find the right product here at a great price.